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Piedmont Sewer Project Underway

February 26, 2011

Piedmont, S.C. (February 8, 2011) – As announced last June, The Metropolitan Sewer Sub-district is in the process of finalizing the plans to repair, and in some cases relocate, the sanitary sewer system that currently serves approximately 900 properties in Piedmont. Metropolitan has secured $7.8 million for the project and is currently working to satisfy the South Carolina Clean Water State Revolving Fund’s requirements for the implementation of this project. An additional $1.2 million dollars in funding is being sought for the reconnection of properties to the repaired sewer system.

The funding represents an investment of approximately $10,000 per property for the system repair. The funding of this crucial project relieves this financial burden from the customers of this system. This funding is limited and will not cover all costs associated with the repair and relocation of the sewer system. Funding for this project does not allow for property owners to be compensated for the rights-of-way/easements that are needed for the project.

Metropolitan will be reaching out to property owners beginning in the month of February, to present the rights-of-way/easements for the owner’s acceptance. Written permission will be required from each property owner where rights-of-way are needed. Construction of this new system will not be possible without the full cooperation of every property owner. During the repair and relocation process, Metropolitan’s contractors will work diligently to maintain the integrity of each property affected by this project.

The funding requirements call for all rights-of-way to be granted and that Metropolitan receive ownership of the sewer system before monies can be used. Due to the efficiencies of Metropolitan and the upgrades that will be made to the system, the average property owner is expected to receive annual savings in taxes and fees of approximately $87.00. The upgrades will increase overall efficiency of the entire sewer system and result in potential energy and treatment cost savings of more than a quarter million dollars. The project construction is scheduled to begin in early 2012.

The existing Piedmont sewer system is more than 100 years old, with substantial portions of it being constructed in the 1800s. Many of the current sewer lines are located too close to homes and buildings meaning they will need to be relocated to areas where they can be properly maintained. It is expected that some lines will be removed from private property and constructed beneath streets and lines that do not require relocation will be repaired in their current location.

“It is important for the citizens of Piedmont that the repairs to this system be conducted for the safety of the community and the quality of service,” said Jim Freeland, chair of the Metropolitan Sewer Sub-district’s Commissioners. “The positive environmental impact is crucial for the current residents and those in the future. Our board is in complete agreement to take responsibility for providing an improved system for its customers.”

Sewer maintenance crews and engineering personnel will be in the Piedmont area over the next few months meeting with home and business owners and finalizing the details of the project. For more information, please contact Metropolitan Sewer Sub-district at 864-277-4442.

About PPSD
The Piedmont Public Service District of Anderson and Greenville Counties provides sewer service, fire protection, recreation and street lighting to its residents. The special purpose district is governed by a board of commissioners elected by the community’s citizens. Commissioners are Ed Poore, Al McAbee, Elizabeth Pack, Rudy Rhodes and Robert Higgins.

About MSSD
The Metropolitan Sewer Sub-District is a special purpose district created by the state legislature in 1968 to operate and maintain sanitary sewer facilities within Greenville County. Today, Metropolitan serves approximately 52,500 taxpayers with more than 600 miles of collector lines and is governed by a five-member board of commissioners – James R. Freeland, Jim Gregorie, Charles F. Styles, M. Graham Proffitt, III and William C. Lindsey. This collection system transports wastewater from area homes and businesses to ReWa’s trunk lines and 15 major wastewater treatment plants. Metropolitan’s 168-square mile service area stretches from northern Greenville County in the Travelers Rest area to the southern portions of the county.