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MetroConnects Public Portal: New Permits & Inspections

Metro staff permits all new sewer construction that will be dedicated to Metro for operation and maintenance. New projects must meet Metro requirements prior to obtaining a permit to construct and all projects must follow Metro’s Construction Phase Requirements prior to being accepted into the system. Wastewater discharge is not permitted until after a Final Inspection of the sewer connection and the sewer cleanout are performed by a MetroConnects Inspector. *Connection Fees increased on April 1, 2024. See the attached schedule below for details.

Click “Enter Portal” to apply for a permit online or to schedule inspections and complete other tasks.

MetroConnects accepts credit card payments for permits. Once completed, permit applicants will be notified by email when MetroConnects is ready to accept payment. After a payment is received a copy of the permit will be emailed to the applicant. Cash in the exact amount of the permit and checks are still accepted.

Any tap or connection made to Metro sewer lines or manholes without a permit is an illegal tap. Upon discovery of an illegal tap, MetroConnects will contact the property owner and allow them 14 calendar days to obtain the appropriate permits and pay the required fees. In addition to a $500 fine, the property owner will be required to reimburse MetroConnects for all costs associated with repairs (plus a 15% administration fee) to correct any deficiencies caused by the illegal connection. Line cleaning and CCTV inspection costs will also be charged to the property owner.

  • MetroConnects shall not maintain service laterals that are not installed per Metro requirements. Failure to comply with Metro requirements may result in the termination of the sewer service.
  • Any licensed contractor or plumber who installs an illegal tap shall be reported to the SC LLR and fined $500 by Metro.

Metro contracts with an outside contractor approved by the South Carolina Public Service Commission for the operations and maintenance of its pump stations. Careful evaluation of expenses associated with the use of Metro’s in-house personnel and equipment for pipeline construction and pump station O&M concluded that an outside contract, with Metro oversight, was the cost-effective solution.

Permitting for individual connections

To connect to the sanitary sewer line you must pay a new account fee to Renewable Water Resources (864-299-4000) and obtain a permit from Greenville County (864-467-7100). If there is a 6-inch lateral already stubbed out for connection, the County will inspect the 4-inch lateral. If you have to connect to the mainline, Metro will inspect the installation of the 6-inch lateral and the County will inspect the installation of the 4-inch lateral. We will provide information to give to your plumber with the details for construction. To connect, please call 864-277-4442.