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Earth Day 2024: Plastics are Personal

April 22, 2024

Protect From Plastics This Earth Day Every April 22nd since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated to honor our remarkable planet. This year’s theme, “Planet vs. Plastics,” reminds us that plastics have become an ever-present — and dangerous — part of everyday life. According to Kathleen Rogers, President of Earthday.org, “In the case of plastics

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Water Week in Washington: Elevating Clean Water

Water Week Empowers Local Utilities Water Week in Washington, D.C., is well underway, with groups such as the Water Environment Federation (WEF), the American Water Works Association (AWWA), and the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA) descending on our nation’s capital this week to advocate for clean and safe water. This year’s theme, “Elevating

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Martin Bowen Represents MetroConnects at Clemson University Job Event

April 4, 2024

Interviewing for the Future MetroConnects is making connections! Development Program Manager Martin Bowen headed to Clemson University last month to help prepare future civil engineers for the job market during a mock interview event sponsored by the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering. The event paired students with civil engineers from across a variety of sectors,

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No Eggs Down the Drain This Easter

March 28, 2024

Easter Traditions: Why Not a Chicken? Have you ever wondered why the Easter Bunny brings eggs — and often sweets — to hide on Easter morning? Why not an Easter Chicken? It turns out, the whole thing may stem from a joke told in 750 A.D. Rumor has it, a famous monk made up a

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Fix a Leak Week Reminds Us That Every Drop Counts

March 19, 2024

It’s that time of year again! This Fix a Leak Week, here at MetroConnects we are encouraging our customers to be proactive about their water usage. Take a look at your water bills from the past few months. Have you noticed a slow but steady uptick in your usage fees? If so, you just might

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MetroConnects Approves New Connection Fee Schedule

March 13, 2024

Metropolitan Sewer Subdistrict (MetroConnects) has approved a new connection fee schedule to connect to MetroConnects’ sanitary sewer system effective April 1, 2024. The MetroConnects Board of Commissioners adopted the revision of sewer connection fees and charges by resolution during its monthly commission meeting in November 2023. These fees are a one-time charge on new development

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SC Professionals Gather for Annual Water and Wastewater Event

March 11, 2024

Water Professionals to Gather in Myrtle Beach Every year, South Carolinian water and wastewater professionals gather for the South Carolina Environmental Conference (SCEC). This year’s conference, held from March 10-13, offers opportunities to network, participate in continuing education, browse the latest water and wastewater technology in the exhibit hall, share their accomplishments during panel sessions,

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How to Avoid Costly Plumbing Repairs

March 7, 2024

How to Keep Your Cash No one is excited to spend hard-earned money on plumbing problems. You are stashing that extra cash away for a trip to the Bahamas, right? So, how do you avoid costly plumbing repairs and make sure you get to have your time in the sun? Perform regular maintenance. The most

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