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South Carolina Celebrates Water Professionals Day

March 3, 2023

Every day, water professionals are out in the community, working to keep our water sources and environment clean and safe. On February 13, the South Carolina General Assembly recognized that work, declaring March 6, 2023 as “Water Professionals Day.”

Legislators wrote that water professionals are “unsung heroes” who dedicate themselves to service to our communities. “Such professionals strive to make sure the local, regional, and state watersheds are protected from pollutants and runoff, that the environment is accordingly protected, and that economic growth and health are supported,” reads House Bill 3820.

Water and wastewater systems operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in all types of weather conditions. Wastewater work is critical. Waterborne diseases were recognized and in most ways conquered in the 1800s. But because the work of wastewater collection and treatment is often done underground and out of sight, investment in infrastructure that protects public health, the environment, and the water can easily be overlooked.

Our work often remains in the shadows, unheralded, unrecognized, and underfunded – until something goes wrong. With new federal initiatives and the support of local, federal, and state officials, MetroConnects is investing in critical infrastructure projects and new technologies that will ensure a healthy environment and help our community thrive. Clean water remains vital to both health and economic opportunities in Greenville County, and MetroConnects wastewater professionals have a critical role.

Join us today in thanking your local water professionals for the difficult, sometimes dirty, work that they do every day to ensure we all live in a world with clean, safe water!