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Sewer Consolidation in Greenville County Expected to Lead to Major Improvements for Ratepayers and Businesses

January 8, 2021

Greenville County Council voted in December to consolidate the 6 agencies that manage wastewater collection.

County Council believes a more unified system will increase efficiency, allow rehabilitation of aging sewer pipes (some of which are over a century old), and increase the capacity to account for the population growth Greenville County has seen in recent years.

A recent Post and Courier article took a deep dive into the decision saying, “Over the course of at least eight years, MetroConnects said it plans to invest tens of millions to bring the county’s sewers up to current standards, repairing pipes that allow rain to flow in and sewage to flow out and increasing capacity for up to 220,000 new residents projected to move to the county by 2040.”

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