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Sanitary Sewer System Survey

February 8, 2017

February 7, 2017

MetroConnects (Metro) is pleased to announce the launch of a system-wide survey and mapping project encompassing the entirety of MetroConnects’ 150 square mile service area.  This five year, multi-phase project will update and verify existing data for more than 630 miles of sanitary sewer lines to ensure accuracy for future operations, maintenance and expansion projects.

The survey process will improve the accuracy of system information to “survey grade” and will equip Metro engineers with accurate, onsite geographical (GIS) data. The improved data equips our service teams to deliver more precise and efficient services to our 62,500 customers. When the survey is complete, the information collected will also help Metro assess the capacity for system growth and expansion.

Survey teams from Site Design, Inc. will begin Phase I of the project in February. Signs will be posted within survey areas to alert the public to work in progress. In areas where crews need access to private property, surveyors will attempt to make contact with the property owner to inform them of our activity. If surveyors require access to sewer assets within an easement with locked fences, they will leave a door hanger asking the resident to unlock gates and restrain animals on a specific follow-up date.

The first phase includes areas throughout Greenville County, including portions of the City of Greenville, Greer, the City of Simpsonville, and around the Donaldson area. The map on this page shows the MetroConnects sewer district in green and highlights the survey areas for Phase 1 in blue. This phase will continue through June of 2017.

Phase 2 will begin in November of 2017, with subsequent phases running from November to April each year for the next four years.

For more information on surveys being conducted in your area, please contact Michelle Bowen at (864) 277-4442.