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MetroConnects Removes I/I in Taylors Area

November 11, 2015


MetroConnects Removes I/I in Taylors Area

Greenville, SC – (November 10, 2015) – MetroConnects (Metro) is pleased to announce the completion of the Piedmont Park Rehabilitation project.  This project area covers the Piedmont Park collection system in the Taylors area of the Pelham Water Resource Recovery Facility (WRRF) basin.

The Piedmont Park sanitary sewer collection system was initially installed in the early 1980’s to address failing septic tank systems. In 2011, as part of their ongoing proactive operations and maintenance schedule, Metro completed a sewer system evaluation survey of the Piedmont Park area.  An aggressive targeted rehabilitation project followed with Metro investing just over $1.8 million into the Piedmont Park system.

The completion of the Piedmont Park Rehabilitation project results in the removal of inflow and infiltration (I/I) to that collection system. I/I is rain and ground water in the sanitary sewer system.  Metro has now completed I/I assessment and rehabilitation of 97% of the Pelham WRRF basin.

Metro is six years into a 15 year intergovernmental agreement with Renewable Water Resources (ReWa) to address and reduce the I/I into mutually used facilities to improve the overall wastewater transportation system.  To date, Metro has completed I/I evaluation for 69% of its total system, investing just over $25 million in rehabilitation and removing approximately 5.4 million gallons of extraneous water.

Metro maintains that the removal of I/I within the Metro system is a byproduct of a proactive and successful maintenance program.  Metro is proud to report that their system has never had a reoccurring sanitary sewer overflow.

About MetroConnects

MetroConnects is a special purpose district created by the state legislature in 1969 to operate and maintain sanitary sewer facilities. Today, MetroConnects serves approximately 60,000 customers with more than 620 miles of sanitary sewer collector lines. This collection system transports wastewater from area homes and businesses to ReWa’s trunk lines and treatment plants.  MetroConnects’ 168-square mile service area stretches from northern Greenville County to the southern portions of the county and southwest to Piedmont in both Anderson and Greenville County.  For more information about MetroConnects, please visit www.metroconnects.org.