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MetroConnects Adopts Restricted Access Policy

August 23, 2018

The Metropolitan Sewer Subdistrict Commission, dba MetroConnects or Metro, has adopted a new policy regarding ownership and operations of sewer collection services in restricted areas.

Commission members signed a restricted access policy during its June 18, 2018 meeting, which allows MetroConnects a framework for resolving service and maintenance problems created by limited access to a restricted area.

The policy allows MetroConnects through a quit-claim deed the ability to return all rights and responsibilities for sewer collection system in place on a property to the property owner.  Metro will continue to collect sanitary sewer from the property at a location off the restricted site.

MetroConnects is a special purpose district created by the State Legislature in 1969 to operate and maintain sanitary sewer collection facilities. The collection system transports wastewater from area homes and businesses to ReWa’s trunk lines and wastewater treatment plants.  MetroConnects’ 168-mile service area stretches from northern Greenville County to the southern portions of the county and southwest to Piedmont in both Greenville and Anderson Counties.