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My Bill Is High, What Can I Do?

Your monthly water bill also includes charges from MetroConnects, which provides the wastewater collection services and transports the wastewater to Renewable Water Solutions (ReWa) for treatment and disposal. The wastewater portion of your bill is typically more expensive.

  • Do you have a separate irrigation meter? Water used to irrigate your lawn can be excluded from your sewer charges if you have a separate irrigation meter. Without a separate irrigation meter, the water consumed to irrigate your lawn is subject to sewer charges. Check with your water provider to find out what costs you may incur to install a separate irrigation meter.
    • Blue Ridge Rural Water — (864) 895-1719
    • Greenville Water — (864) 241-6000
    • Greer CPW – (864) 848-5500
    • Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission – (800) 358-3445
  • Have you checked for leaks or broken pipes? Dripping faucets, leaking toilets, and even a broken sprinkler head wastes gallons of water per month, adding more money to your monthly water bill. Over time, these leaks can also lead to water damage.