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Don’t Take an “L” This Game Day: Keep Your Toilets Flushing!

September 8, 2022


Furman and Clemson meet in Death Valley this Saturday for the Tigers’ first home game of the season. While rumors about sewer backups on game days turn out not to be true (don’t worry — we can handle all those flushes at halftime!), tailgating at home can stress your plumbing. Here are a few ways to prep for the big day.

1. Clean Your Toilet  Not only will your guests appreciate a sparkling seat, but your plumbing will, too. Keeping your toilet bowl clean can help prevent sediment from building up in its jet nozzles, which can cause weak flushing and clogged pipes. Clean the inside of your bowl regularly with a gentle toilet cleanser and a toilet brush, being sure to concentrate on the nozzles to keep them clog free.

Lengthen your flapper chain to  strengthen your flush.

2. Maintain a Forceful Flush  A strong flush means more force to move things along through the pipes, preventing clogs. If your flush feels weak and you’ve been keeping the jet nozzles clean, try adjusting the flapper chain or adding a chain weight. The longer the flapper stays open, the more forceful your flush. Family Handyman has additional tips on how to improve your flush.

3. Keep wipes out of your pipes  Wet wipes, a game day essential for those fiery hot wings, are also a major culprit in complicating your commode’s constitution. NO wet wipes should EVER go down the toilet, even those that are labeled “flushable.” (Flushable wipes are designed to break down more quickly than regular wipes, but they still don’t break down quickly enough to prevent eventual backups). Keep a trash can near the wipes to encourage guests to dispose of their waste in the basket, not the bowl.

4. Discreetly dispose of feminine products  Provide a lidded trash can in the bathroom for disposal of tampons, pads and wrappers. Sanitary bag and trash canMany people don’t realize that tampons are not flushable, so signage and easy means of sanitary disposal (like providing wax or paper bags) can help.

5. Stock up on single ply  Our tushies might appreciate two- or three-ply toilet paper, but our pipes do not. Consider setting out single ply toilet paper on game day to avoid the thicker paper from clogging your commode.

6. Encourage composting  While paper napkins and paper towels are convenient, they can wreak havoc on your home if they wind up in your pipes. Consider placing a composting bin near your buffet for food scraps and used paper products. Not only will you discourage accidental disposal of food and paper down the toilet, but you also can get a jump start on growing “black gold” for your garden. Learn more about composting options in Greenville County.

7. Grease your guests’ gullets, not your drains  Remember, FOG — Fats, Oils, and Grease — not only can clog up your sink, but it also can cause sewer blockage deep in your pipes. Make sure all that fried football food goes in the trash or gets composted and doesn’t go down the garbage disposal.

Whether you bleed Tiger Orange, Furman Purple or anything in between, no one wants a backup of yellow and brown on Game Day!