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The change in billing method from an annual tax and fee on properties to a monthly base charge and a consumption charge was a difficult, but necessary change. It is a more equitable and industry-standard method of billing that will provide MetroConnects with the revenue it needs to maintain our wastewater infrastructure. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement.


Six-Month Savings Program

Greenville Water customers are automatically enrolled in a Six-Month Savings Program for residential customers. This program will use the average number of gallons each customer uses during the winter months to establish the customer’s average use. This number is set as the maximum amount the customer will be charged during the summer months. Metro hopes this will lessen the impact on the bills of residential customers who water their lawns or fill their pools during the summer season. Customers who use large volumes of outside water throughout the year should consider installing an irrigation water meter. Water passing through an irrigation meter will not be billed as wastewater. Please contact your water company for information about the costs associated with installing an irrigation meter.


Industrial Customers with Metered Flow

MetroConnects will be partnering with ReWa to bill only the metered flow from large industrial customers that consume a significant amount of water, but don’t necessarily output that same amount of water in the wastewater discharge.


Builders’ Rate

MetroConnects has implemented an initial “Builders’ Rate,” so that a new house isn’t charged until it has been sold and the new residents have occupied the property. This builders’ rate is already in effect.

We’re Still Listening

If you would like more information about how we are serving the community, and in particular how this will impact you, your home or your business, please contact MetroConnects at [email protected] or by calling 864.277.4442.

We will continue to listen to your feedback and make changes where we feel they will be most beneficial to our customers, public health and the environment.

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