Metropolitan Sewer Sub-District Serving Greenville and Anderson
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Metropolitan Sewer Subdistrict was created as a special purpose district, by the General Assembly by Act No. 687 on July 14, 1969 and amended in August of 1972.  Metropolitan is a subdistrict within Greenville County Sewer Authority (now known as Renewable Water Resources, ReWa) and is empowered to acquire, construct, operate, maintain, improve and extend facilities for the collection of sewage within the subdistrict and transmit the same to the trunk lines or sewage treatment and disposal facilities of ReWa for treatment and disposal. 

Metropolitan was formed to provide sanitary sewer collection service for all areas of Greenville County not currently served by other special purpose districts and municipalities.  We were initially governed by a commission consisting of three members and later increased to five members.  Metro has grown through our construction of new sewer systems and from the donation of systems constructed in accordance with our requirements by development.  We have also accepted older public and private systems which were rehabilitated to meet Metropolitan's and SCDHEC requirements.